VALWEAVE is a suite of solutions to help transform Financial Institutions (FIs)

  • Solution helps FIs to improve their competitiveness, market reach, client experience, Business growth and operational excellence
  • Potential
    – Multiple Industry applicability with similar need
    – Cross sale/up sale opportunities
  • Extensibility
    – Contextualization based on industry and organization vision and strategies
  • Global Market Adaptability
    – Globalization and contextualization for taking solution to Global markets


AUCTUUS helps IFAs to

  • Enhance Operational Efficiencies
  • Engage better with its investor clients
  • Extend Reach
  • Increase Revenues

AUCTUUS is our “IFA in a box” platform which helps IFAs to run & manage their business better and enables them to be future-ready

FINRUH is a trusted app catering to all the financial needs of an individual in a simple, intuitive & cost-effective manner

FINRUH helps

  • Manage one’s finances better
  • Plan one’s financial life journey
  • Get free unbiased financial advice
  • Compare & buy financial products at best prices
  • Help become a smarter investor
  • Get allied value-added services e.g. tax, accounting etc.

FINRUH empowers people and helps them lead a healthy stress-free financial life

FINUEVO is a Next-Gen Advisor-led Wealth Management Platform

  • A “One-stop-shop” for multi-product advisory & sale
  • Tools to enhance Customer Engagement
  • Ability to collaborate with Partners & Product Manufacturers
  • Alternate Revenue Models to maximise income
  • Comprehensive Regulatory & Compliance support
  • Tools to brand & market their services better
  • Open Architecture to support “best-in-class” transaction platforms
  • Knowledge tools to help be more relevant to clients

FLAAP is technology-led on-demand, contextualized & personalized financial education service to ensure the financial inclusion for every Indian

FLAAP creates win-win proposition for all stake-holders within the ecosystem

  • Financial Institutions
  • Central Bodies with investor awareness funds like AMFI, SEBI etc.
  • Financial Advisors
  • Retail Investors
  • Trainers / Volunteers
  • Corporates

ROBOEZY is our AI driven platform for Mutual Fund Investments

  • End-to-end platform to Educate, Plan, Execute & Track MF investments
  • Recommendations based on best-in-class MF Research & Analytics
  • Bundled Personal Finance Manager tool
  • Support for both Direct & Regular Plans
  • Seamless integration with all three online MF transaction platforms – MFU, NSE MFII & BSE STAR MF