The Maxsimos Way engages you through the following models, in the form of productized offerings in a partnership mode. If you have a business that direly needs a catalyst to take off, thrive or expand, we fill the glove as joint-stake partners and build it with you.

Idea Incubation Service

An idea that has the potential to take the markets by storm, one that you know is bound to work if the ignition was pressed. When we hold your idea in our hands, we polish the edges, hone, nourish, prepare, test, and support – an end-to-end solution to help an entrepreneur survive the ability to churn out ideas by bringing them to life.

  • icc2Business Requirement Analysis
  • icc3Technical Design
  • icc5On-going Maintenance Support
  • icc1Business Case Preparation
  • icc4Software Development and Testing

Go To Market

Once the entrepreneur in you achieves the product readiness stage, either by yourself or with our Idea Incubation centre, the Go to Market approach highlights the needed roadmap. A usually ignored but inordinately indispensable step in the success journey of your idea, this approach is as much a strategic necessity as is a revelation.

  • gotomarket1Strategy Planning
  • gotomarket2Growth and Capacity Planning
  • gotomarket3Operations and Cash Flow Management Planning

Marketing And Sales

The Marketing Strategy you choose to adopt shall almost entirely determine the shape and size of your idea in the markets. An entrepreneur and his product or service is in constant need of marketing and sales support; sometimes you may also choose not to host an in-house team in order to minimize cost, and that is when outsourcing becomes an immediate solution. Here, we help you identify and use appropriate marketing and sales channels.

  • marketingandsales1Market Research and Analysis
  • marketingandsales3Branding Support
  • marketingandsales2E-Marketing Support
  • marketingandsales4Sales Support (Lead Generation and Qualification)

Support System

A strong and diverse network ecosystem of partners, experts and service professionals symbiotically formulate a distinctive and all-in-one solution delegating approach that works incessantly to initiate, stimulate, organize, and sustain businesses.

  • support1Leverage our Investor Network – gain access to the right kind of financial/investment support
  • support2Access to almost all-necessary support services including HR, Finance and Legal, Operations, etc.